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DIY Fall Flower Crown

June 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In attempt to follow the advice of the lovely and wonderful Jasmine Star on becoming a better blogger for your business. I am starting Thrifty Thursdays! Be on the lookout for crafty projects, thrift store finds, Annie Sloan antiques and other fun thrifty things! To kick off my Thrifty Thursdays here is a DIY fall flower crown tutorial in preparation for my favorite season....

Okay, I am going to be honest with you. I don't know if I am the best person to give you a step by step guide to make a DIY flower crown. I am someone who starts out doing all the right steps and instructions, but then I get bored with a step or two and skip...then add in my own flare....then mess up....use too much hot glue and then I squint my eyes so its looks better! ( If this sounds like you...you have found the right DIY flower crown tutorial!) To my surprise the flower crown actually turned out pretty darn good for my first one! So here is how it went....

Things you need:

  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Wire Cutter
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pretty Flowers of your choice (Real or Not I used some lovely not real flowers from Hobby Lobby for this one) 
  • And of course some jams while your work! Spotify Playlist: The Perfect Crafternoon (yes this is a real playlist!)

Kandid Kate Photography


I got these items from Hobby Lobby and of course used the awesome 40% Coupon for the highest priced item.

The first thing you want to do is use your wire cutter to cut off the ends of the flowers or leaves you want to use. Leave a little bit of stem to glue to the crown (you can cut the stems off later).

Next take the floral wire and wrap the wire 2 times around your head how you would like to fit. Then wrap the wire around each other in some spots and then use the floral tape around a few places to reinforce it. (Stretch the floral tape while wrapping it to make it more tacky to stick to the wire)

Kandid Kate Photography

The floral wire I used was pretty thin...there might be a thicker option that would be better for this...but I ended up just wrapping these cool little guys all the way around the crown to make it thicker. 

Kandid Kate Photography

Next you need to plan what you want your flower crown to look like. This is about when I started squinting my eyes to make it look better ;)

Kandid Kate Photography


Then it's time to hot glue! I tend to get a little too excited with hot glue...but it's so fun and easy! Just be careful it your have a high temperature glue gun. I found that using the hot glue gun to glue the flower onto the wire worked well once the little twine flowers were on. But for the twine flowers I also used more floral tape on top of the glue to make sure they really stay on.

Kandid Kate Photography

Every few flowers or so I would try on the flower crown to make sure I was placing the flowers in places that looked well. (After the glue dries of course!) Once you think you have glued on all flowers and leaves on that you want, cut the ends of the stems that are sticking out. Annnd I think that's it?? I probably forgot something....and if I did I am sorry. Just let me know and I will add it in :)

Here is the final product! I love the fall colors I chose...getting me pumped for the leaves to change!

Kandid Kate Photography

Overall, I had a lot of fun using my creative side to make this! I did get a little frustrated at first when wrapping the twine flowers around the wire...but that's when I just started skipping steps and squinting ;) So feel free to skip around steps, add in your own steps, or just wing it! Whatever you do....just make sure you are enjoying yourself!. If anything you can always try it again if you don't like your first one.

Enjoy this awesome project and let me know how it goes!


P.S. If you want to use a flower crown for a wedding or photography session, just let me know! I had a blast making this and would love to put it to use in some photos :)



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